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Categories > Fuels & Additives > KROON-workshop

workshop cleaners & lubricants


KROON Brake Cleaner
Brake Cleaner is an excellent cleaner and degreaser containing a volatile hydrocarbon as its main component. Supplementing the Brake Cleaner with additives assists in the extra loosening of deposits.

KROON Electric Spray
Electric Spray is a silicone-free moisture dispersant, developed in Kroon-Oil's laboratory with special properties. Corrosion caused by moisture is the biggest threat to all metal parts and annually results in significant losses in the industr...

KROON Handy Oil
3 in 1 by another
Handy Oil is a mineral household oil that is acid-free thanks to intensive refining. Furthermore, the product is almost colour and odour-free. Thanks to its all-purpose nature and handy packaging, Handy Oil can be used for a range of applicati...

KROON Multi-Purpose Grease 3
exactly what it says it is
Multi Purpose Grease 3 is based on highly refined base oils containing lithium soap as a thickening agent. It is supplemented with additives to achieve the following properties: Strong adhesion to metal Outstanding water displacement Excellent...

KROON Quickstart
easy start
Quickstart is there to help when both petrol and diesel engines will not start in the usual way. When used, the product forms a combustible, homogenous air/fuel mixture that enables it to ignite easily. The combustion engine then continues to...

KROON Racing Chainlube Light
400ml Aerosol
Racing Chainlube Light is an amber- coloured, synthetic lubricant that has been specially developed for lubricating chains. Racing Chainlube Light contains a number of supplements, additives and solvents, in order to maintain flexibility under...

KROON Silicone Spray
similar to "Son of a Gun" of old
Silicon Spray is a premium agent that protects against rust, dirt and moisture. The product has effective lubricating properties and can be very widely used as a preservation and protective agent for a range of uses, such as hinges and locks,...
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