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Bluechem - Fuel additives
Categories > Fuels & Additives > Bluechem - Fuel additives
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The bluechem GROUP is a group of companies and a network of distributors with global activities and partners in more than 100 countries. The group's success is based on the commitment to lead the automotive industry in developing and patenting of performance- optimizing and environmentally- friendly products of highest quality expanded by modern workshop, industry and service concepts.


bluchem Fuel System Clean & Care
For Garden Machinery
Octane Booster raises the ROZ (octane number) of the fuel. Particularly recommended for fuel of lower quality. It reduces the so called "Motor Pinking" and resulting mechanical damage. It is suitable for all petrol engines.

bluechem Diesel System Cleaner (DSC)
Diesel System Cleaner removes operationally caused contamination sustained throughout the fuel system of diesel engines from the tank to the combustion chambers. It removes resin deposits, releases sticking injection nozzles and injection pump...

bluechem DPF Power Cleaner
Cleaner for Diesel Particle Filters
This High Power Cleaner for Diesel Particle Filters is a special Diesel Additive Solution which is used as a regeneration help in Diesel Particle Filter Systems. Reduces ignition temperature of the soot collected in the particle filter which e...

bluechem Engine Oil Stop Leak
The combination of highly efficient and innovative components regenerates plastic and rubber seals in the oil circuit and keeps it soft. The oil loss through seals or piston rings is reduced or stopped, which reduces the oil consumption. In ad...

bluechem Fuel System Cleaner (FSC)
The Fuel System Cleaner removes operationally caused contamination in the entire fuel system, from the tank to the Combustion chambers. It removes resin and stickiness the carburetor and injection nozzle areas and removes further carbon residu...

bluechem Fuel System Water Remover
For vehicle recommission after storage
Binds and reliably removes condensed water and moisture from the entire fuel system. Protects against rust and corrosion and increases the lifespan of the engine. Ensures a clean and powerful combustion, improves engine running and cold starti...

bluechem Guard Fill
For Winter storage of vehicles
The Guard Fill-Petrol keeps inlet valves, injection nozzles and combustion chambers free of coke residues, reduces friction in the engine and protects all metal surfaces from corrosion. The Guard Fill additive package reduces petrol consumpt...

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