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KROON Classic Products
Categories > Lubricants, Cans & Fluids > KROON Oil > KROON Classic Products
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KROON-OIL, THE NUMBER ONE LUBRICANTS SPECIALIST... Just meaningless words? Absolutely not! For over 100 years, we have been focusing exclusively on the development and manufacture of premium lubricants. Whatever the application for which you require a product, we will have it.We offer various specialties for Vintage & Classic vehicles.


lassic ATF A is a mineral ATF with special friction improvers, carefully designed for friction materials that were used at that time by car manufacturers in the automatic transmissions of classic vehicles. Premium mineral base oils and caref...

Classic ATF F is a mineral ATF without friction improvers. As modern automatic transmissions use completely different friction materials with different friction properties, modern ATF formulations are much less suitable or unsuitable for use i...

KROON Classic Gear EP 80
Classic Gear EP 80 is a medium SAE 80 transmission oil with extreme pressure protection for use in classic transmissions. The standards that modern lubricants are required to meet mean that modern-day transmission oils are often of low viscosi...

KROON Classic Gear LS 90
Classic Gear LS 90 is a limited slip hypoid SAE 90 transmission oil for classic vehicles. Modern and often low-viscosity transmission oils are significantly less suitable, or unsuitable, for use in classic transmissions. Kroon-Oil Classic Oils...

KROON Classic Gear MP 90
Classic Gear MP 90 is a mineral SAE 90 transmission oil. The product is suitable for use in manual transmissions, differentials and other transmissions in classic vehicles that require a hypoid, single-grade oil that meets the API GL-5 specifi...

KROON Classic Gear ZC 90
Classic Gear ZC 90 is a mild SAE 90 transmission oil with extreme pressure protection that is suitable for classic transmissions. Modern transmissions oils are frequently low- viscosity oils and are significantly less suitable, or unsuitable, f...

KROON Classic Monograde 30
1L & 60L drums
Classic Monograde 30 is a mineral, single-grade SAE 30 motor oil specially designed for classic petrol and diesel engines. Carefully selected additives provide Classic Monograde 30 with the following properties: Outstanding lubrication properti...

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