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KROON engine/hydraulic/trans. oils & fluids
Categories > Lubricants, Cans & Fluids > KROON Oil > KROON engine/hydraulic/trans. oils & fluids
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For over 100 years, we have been focusing exclusively on the development and manufacture of premium lubricants in Holland.


KROON Asyntho 5W-30
Turbo petrol & Diesel engines
Asyntho 5W-30 is a modern, universal, fuel-saving, Long Life motor oil based on synthetic base oils with a naturally high viscosity index. It is supplemented with advanced additives to achieve the following properties: Fuel saving Limited evap...

KROON Atlantic 2T DFI
2 stroke outboard oil
Atlantic 2T DFI is a premium 2-stroke motor oil, specially developed for use in the latest generation of water- cooled 2-stroke outboard engines with direct fuel injection. The operating temperatures of these DFI engines are very high, thereby...

KROON Atlantic 4T 10W-30
4 stroke outboard oil
Atlantic 4T 10W-30 is a 4-stroke motor oil for outboard engines. The product is based on premium base oils combined with special additives and features the following properties: Lubrication of all engine parts Very powerful detergency, which ...

KROON Avanza MPS 5W-30
Suitable for commercial vehicles
Avanza MSP 5W-30 is a modern, fuel- saving, synthetic motor oil, developed in accordance with the latest Mid SAPS technologies for use in cars with particulate filters and/or catalytic converters. It is supplemented with specially selected, syn...

KROON Bi-Turbo 20w-50
universal mineral oil for petrol, diesel and LPG
Bi-Turbo 20W-50 is a universal, mineral motor oil based on premium solvent-refined base oils. It is supplemented with additives to achieve the following properties: Very powerful detergency and dispersion thereby preventing a high build-up...

KROON Drauliquid-LV DOT 4
premium brake fluid
specially developed for the latest generation of car with electronic safety systems. A rapid response time is essential for the vehicle to operate well, even at extremely low temperatures. That is why extra leeway is required in relation to th...

KROON Emperol 10W-40
Suitable for most petrol & Diesel engines
Emperol 10W-40 is an ultra-modern, fuel-saving, universal motor oil based on mineral and synthetic base oils that naturally have a high viscosity index. It is supplemented with carefully balanced additives to achieve the following properties: ...

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