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Accessories for chain saws Cutting firewood − comfortably and conveniently


Filing Vice S260
Particularly light, convenient vice. Easy to drive into wood and fix the guide bar. Includes practical belt bag.

2-in-1 file holder
Flat file and depth gauge tool
Practical tool for quickly sharpening the teeth and depth gauge in a single step. Ideal for occasional users. For 1/4" P, 3/8" P, .325", 3/8" and .404" saw chains, integrated file tolerance compensation (only from STIHL).

Aluminium chainsaw wedge
980 g. Forged, complete with wood and ring.

Aluminium felling and cleaving wedges
Made from a high quality aluminium alloy. With narrow blades to effectively penetrate wood. Three versions for small, medium and large trunk diameters. All feature retaining teeth, milled grooves and a smooth wedge surface that makes it easy t...

Aluminium hookaroon
70 cm, 580 g. Enables an ergonomic movement that's easy on your back, for tackling small tree trunks and pieces of wood. High-quality aluminium alloy with a plastic handle. Additional hook at the end of the handle ensures improved grip.

Aluminium rotating splitting wedge 920g
Highly effective splitting action due to twist. Forged aluminium with excellent stability combined with a very low weight. Milled grooves and retaining teeth for good guidance and maximum grip, even in frozen wood. Round striking surface for o...

Cleaving hammers
Forged hammerhead with reversible tip. Extra large striking surface for safer handling when driving in aluminum and plastic wedges. AX 30 C, 85 cm, 3,000 g. Highly suitable for medium and hard splitting work, cleaving metre logs and heavy wood...

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